Liftt SpA

  • Italian VC
  • Headed by Stefano Buono, founder of AAA (acquired by Novartis for $3.9bn)

Prof. Carel Le Roux

  • Among most cited professors worldwide in obesity & diabetes
  • H-index > 70


  • Raised >$300m
  • Led P2i from startup to world leader
  • Former Eyoto CEO
  • Significant exit and M&A experience

Dr Tareck Saleh

  • Pioneer in bariatric endoscopy with more than 3,500 gastric balloon procedures in 22 years
  • Owner of renowned weight loss clinics in Dubai & Paris

Nicolaas Verheem

  • Engineer & Founder of Teradek (acquired by Vitec for $35m)
  • Academy Technical Oscar award winner

Garvey Ventures Inc.

  • Founded by John Garvey, an experienced entrepreneur and life sciences investor

Boden Family Investments LLC

  • Founded by Dr Scott Boden, a renowned Professor of Surgery and award-winning researcher

JAZ Chemical Pathologists Ltd

  • Led by Dr Royce Vincent of King’s College London

Pioneer Medical Supplies LLC

  • Leading Middle East distributor of Medical Supplies

+ other investors

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Carl D. Francis


  • Raised >$300m
  • Led P2i from startup to world leader
  • Former Eyoto CEO
  • Significant exit and M&A experience

Carl is a senior international leader with deep experience in growing technology businesses, fund-raising, M&A, and exits.

Carl joined and invested in Keyron because its’ technology promises to positively change the world. “The continuing rise in obesity, diabetes, and all forms of fatty liver disease is one of the biggest health challenges the world faces today. Literally billions of people are affected, and the numbers continue to rise rapidly” he says. “Keyron’s technology is a complete game-changer. An innovative, non-surgical, endoscopically-delivered, fully reversible treatment as an alternative to drastic bariatric surgeries is as exciting as it gets.”

He built early-stage technology leaders P2i and Eyoto from a handful of employees each to large, industry-leading global players with multiple sites in Europe, Asia and North America, raising significant private equity funds in the process. For 3 years – as Group CEO – he also led the leveraged buyout team that acquired, fixed, and successfully exited Adria, Ireland’s largest textile business.

Carl has previously been Divisional President at Global 500 electronics, engineering and software group Siebe PLC (now Schneider Electric) where he ran the worldwide recovery division consisting of up to 65 underperforming subsidiaries. He was Chief Executive of Flexonics, the principal division of global automotive and aerospace group Senior PLC and previously Group Managing Director of The Caudwell Group, one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications support businesses with sales of $2.5bn.

Growing up in Cincinnati Ohio, Carl is a US Certified Public Accountant, a member of Mensa, and has a BSc from the University of Cincinnati. He has lived in Europe, Asia and North America.