Designed to reverse


Advanced medical devices for diabetes, NASH, liver fibrosis, and obesity
Keyron presents the world’s first non-surgical gastric bypass procedure


Live with Diabesity

The most effective treatment is metabolic surgery, which is risky and expensive

Keyron’s ForePass TM reproduces

Metabolic surgery without a single cut

ForePassTM is a fully endoscopic procedure designed to provide the same benefits of metabolic surgery, including a reversal of obesity, diabetes, NASH, and liver fibrosis.

What we do

How it works

The final ForePass TM GD device may differ in size and characteristics to that shown in these representations.

Created with Safety
& Efficacy in mind

ForePass TM is designed to reverse obesity, diabetes, and NASH because it replicates the mechanism of action of metabolic surgery. It aims to reproduce:

A team of

World Class Experts

Our founders and team include some of the most renowned global experts in diabesity, endoscopy, metabolic surgery, and medical device engineering, and businesspeople with an outstanding track record in the obesity device space, including large exits.

Diabetes & Obesity Treatment

We’re Setting the
New Standards

An engineering masterpiece

ForePass TM has been designed and produced by a team of world class US engineers with safety & efficacy on insulin resistance in mind

Impressive preclinical data

We demonstrated a reversal of diabetes & NASH in rodents and safety in swines

Globally renowned experts

Our team includes some of the brightest minds in diabetes and obesity research worldwide

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