ForePass ® simulates the mechanisms of metabolic surgery via

A fully incisionless procedure

The first cut-free endoscopic treatment for diabesity, ForePass ® is able to replicate the most common types of metabolic surgery (Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, RYGB, BilioPancreatic Diversion, and Sleeve Gastrectomy). The first version of our product is aimed at RYGB.

The Device

Keyron’s ForePass ® is the first device truly designed to reverse insulin resistance and obesity

A Unique Next-Generation Technology Platform

ForePass ® replicates the three most common metabolic surgeries without making a single cut

The final ForePass R device may differ in size and characteristics to that shown in this video.

A study of 30 small animals

Superior Efficacy in Rodents

Conclusion: ForePass ® reduces body weight, glycemia and insulin resistance, and liver fat deposition to the same level of gastric bypass surgery

We demonstrated a full reversal of diabetes and NASH, and weight loss, to levels not statistically different from gastric bypass surgery

Note: ForePass ® was previously named Sleeveballoon.

Long-Term Safety & Efficacy in Swines

Pre-clinical studies in the USA and Italy have shown that the efficacy of ForePass ® may be unprecedented, and even better than RYGB. Data from our one-month study includes:

Safe Deployment and Retrieval

Correct and Stable Long-Term Positioning Achieved

ForePass ® caters to patients with obesity (BMI over 38) and diabetes, or NASH, who do not respond to or tolerate drugs and refuse metabolic surgery

This represents a widely underserved patient population of at least 22 million people just in the USA and EU

Therapies for Severe Diabesity

Metabolic Surgery

Only highly effective treatment for diabetes and obesity, leads to full diabetes remission and the highest weight loss. However, it also leads to 15% complications, including death

Medical Devices

Widely considered safe, but ineffective on diabetes.

The fact that balloons move throughout the stomach fails to maximize weight loss


Current drugs are not very helpful for weight loss when it comes to people with BMIs over 38

ForePass ®

Designed to replicate metabolic surgery without any cuts to internal organs. As effective on diabetes and obesity as metabolic surgery in both small and large animals

Next steps

We are due to complete preclinical work by Q4-2023.
Our first-in-human study is expected to begin in Q1-2025 and end by Q1-2026.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB)

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB) is an effective operation that determines type 2 diabetes remission and reversion of insulin resistance.
  • A large portion of the stomach, the entire duodenum and the initial part of the jejunum are bypassed from food transit after RYGB. The bypass of the duodenum and the jejunum covers a central role in the improvement of glycemic control.